Kilalaha ang Dios, kilalaha ang imo kaugalingon, siguroha ang imo walay

katapusan nga palaabuton, hangpa ang ginhalinan sangkalipay sang kinabuhi.


Ilha ang Dios, ilha ang imong-kaugalingon, ilha ang kaluwasan, siguroha ang imong waykatapusang umaabot, sabta ang gigikanan sa kalipay diha sa kinabuhi. 


Know God, know yourself, know salvation, be certain of your eternal future, understand the source of happiness in life.

 Grace Logos Support-Philippines, Inc. 

is an independent mission established for the purpose of providing accurate Bible teaching materials to the Philippines. Our mission is headquartered in Houston, TX., and is staffed entirely by uncompensated volunteers. It is entirely a grace mission to the Philippines. We do not accept any payments, compensation, or donations from any source within the Philippines.